The Israel Committee of Santa Barbara presents a day of learning and schmoozing and fabulous food annually, know as the Teach-In. It is a wonderful opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the conflicts, complexities and realities that are Israel today (note that opinions of speakers and authors are theirs and not those of the Israel Committee).

Past event photos, videos and schedules are available online.

2016 Teach-in

To view details on the Tenth Annual Community Wide Teach-in on Israel, visit the schedule page here.

ninth_flyer2015 Teach-in

With Israel, the Middle East and European anti-Semitism in the news non-stop since the events of Summer 2014, we delved deeply into the key topics including international legal questions and the Iran situation with some brilliant speakers. Here is the schedule.

2014 Teach-in

Another terrific lineup of knowledgeable and engaging speakers provided their insights into current events impacting Israel, explored the parameters of American Jewish discourse, and told us about ongoing cultural and social developments centered on Israel. Departing from the time-honored Israel 101, this Teach-In saw a session on Arab World 101. Anchored by a distinguished guest representing the Israeli Consul General in Los Angeles.  Here is the schedule. The Teach-In was covered by Judy Foreman of the Noozhawk – read the article.

2013 Teach-in

Continuing our streak of well-attended, informative and stimulating Teach-Ins. Keynote speakers for the 2013 Teach-in were Frida Ghitis, former CNN journalist and producer and currently a syndicated global affairs columnist and contributor to CNN as well as other publications, and the Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson. Click here for a complete listing. See photos from the event here.


ICSB_flyer_2012 c2012 Teach-in

We’ve shifted the time frame for the Teach-in from ‘Autumn’ to ‘Spring’… also known in Santa Barbara as ‘Late’ and ‘Early’ fire seasons. Fortunately, no wildfires during the Teach-in this year! The Sixth Annual Community-Wide Teach-in On Israel was held at Santa Barbara Hillel on April 22 – see photos.Click here for details. There are also printable versions of the flyer and mailer, and Gershom Gorenberg’s keynote session video is available for viewing.

2010 Teach-in

The Fifth Annual Community-Wide Teach-in On Israel was held at Santa Barbara Hillel on November 8. Click here for details. There are also printable versions of the schedule, an ad flyer and save-the-date. You can view the keynote session videos here.

2009 Teach-in

The first-ever pro-Israel rally in Santa Barbara was held to express support for Israel and a negotiated peace solution. The Fourth Annual Community-Wide Teach-in On Israel was held at Santa Barbara Hillel on November 8. The program and poster are available for viewing or download.

2008 Teach-in

The Third Annual Community-Wide Teach-in On Israel was held at Santa Barbara Hillel on November 16. The handout is available for viewing or download.

2007 Teach-in

The Second Annual Community-Wide Teach-in On Israel was held at Santa Barbara Hillel on November 18. The event was covered by the Santa Barbara Independent. You can view videos of several sessions, and see the handout, maps and MIA/POW flyer.

2006 Teach-in

The Committee held the first Community Wide Teach-in On Israel in Santa Barbara, in response to strong anti-Israel media bias during the war against Hizbullah
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