The Israel Committee of Santa Barbara is an independent organization whose purpose is to foster informed support for Israel in the community, to facilitate effective responses to anti-Israel bias in the media and other public forums, and to provide opportunities for study and dialogue on related topics.

The Israel Committee of Santa Barbara is chaired by:

Laini Millar Melnick

2018 Members:

Peter Melnick

Ron Zonen

Dr. David Shapiro

Michael Rassler

Ruth Steinberg

Peter Jacobson

Marilyn Simon-Gersuk

Ira Weingarten

Catherine Pfaff

Gary Abrams

Cyndi Silverman

Shelly Rosen

Bob Rothenberg

Beth Katz



Rabbi Arthur Gross-Schaefer
Rabbi Steve Cohen
Yoav Schaefer

Friends and Past Members of the Committee:

Rich CainNadav Caspi
Ami Cohen
Rabbi Allison Conyer
Bryan Conyer
Ralph Daniel
Betsy Drucker
Abe Gean
Rabbi Evan Goodman
Corie Johndro
Laura Kalman
Drew Abrams
Meital Levi
Marti Martine
Suzy Kaufer Z”L
Daniel Melnick

Daniel Some

Betty Some

Ricardo Redisch
Ruscha Robbins
Sigal Rosenblit
Ken Rotman

Lucy Silverstone
Gail Teton-Landis
David Teton-Landis
Julian Weissglass
Noa Yaari